Labs Available Through CCLRR
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24 October 2014

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Bidwell exit off Hwy 50 at Folsom

NOTICE: we are at the PetsMart in the shopping center on the west side of E. Bidwell next to Home Depot,

NOT at the PetsMart on Iron Pt. Rd. visible from Hwy 50.

Folsom Petsmart
2705 E Bidwell Street
Folsom, CA

11am to 2pm

Look for us the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

Come see some awesome labs.


Feed Store

1150 E Victor Rd
Victor Road/ HWY 12
Lodi, Ca. 95240

Please come see us on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month between 9AM and 1PM

Come see Hogan and Harvey

From Hwy 99 take the San Andreas exit (just North of Lodi) East toward Lockeford the road is marked Victor Rd but is also Hwy 12 East....approx 3/4 mile on the right.

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Adoption events at Pet Food Express are between 11AM and 2PM

Pet Food Express is located at
2158 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Corner of Monument Blvd, on Contra Costa Blvd and CrescentDrive, at the corner of Monument Blvd., in the RiteAid/Staples shopping center. The store is in between Wolf Camera and Blockbuster Video.
Pet Food Express has a store locator on their web site.
Look for us the 1st Saturday of each month 11 to 2



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The web page is updated once weekly. The most current source of information of which dogs are still available is the CCLRR Updated Dog List, which is given to PREAPPROVED adopters. If you see a dog on the web page, but it is not on the adoption list, that means the dog was adopted between page updates and is no longer available. The CCLRR Updated Dog List is the most current info!

From time to time, our Adoptive Families "report back" on their four-legged family members. It is so wonderful when we get these great stories and pictures from our adopted families. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.
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An unavoidable part of life is the passing of those we love. Some of our Labbie Families have sent us   "In Loving Memory" stories about their Beloved Labrador Retrievers.
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as of 1-1-2013

Due to the rising costs of care, we have raised our adoption fees for the first time since Jan 1, 2009

Puppies 6 months and under $400.

Adult dogs 6 months up to 9 years $300.

Senior & Special needs $150

Returning Adopter $250 (SORRY - *NO* DISCOUNT FOR PUPPIES)

Not a Lab .... but a story worth passing on!    SEE ELLA's STORY

Labs Available through CCLRR

SENIOR and "Special Needs" DOGS
CCLRR has a special place in our hearts for the senior Labs we rescue. They are such sweet, smart and gentle souls. We are seeing an unfortunate and alarming trend in "Senior Dumping" Older Labs are simply discarded at local shelters because the are "too old". Imagine how it must feel to be in your golden years, having devoted your entire life to your family, only to be taken to a shelter and dumped. Their chances of being adopted from a shelter at their age are slim and none. They are frightened, confused, and grieve for their family. We want them to live out the rest of their golden years in comfort, surrounded by love as these special dogs have so much love left to give, and ask so little in return. Are you that special family that can give a loving home to a wonderful Lab in their golden years?

 Our Senior and "Special Needs" Dog Adoption Fee is $150.00

Dora Oscar #2 Boga
Harvey Sammy  

look for these markers:       or     
Please help us save the life of a Lab -- donate using the PayPal link to the left.

ACE --

ACE 18 month black male. This stunningly handsome boy is very sweet but has had minimal socialization. He has seen little but his own doggie friend and his back yard. He had his first car ride and his first time in a crate and did very well. He wants to please so he’ll be easy to train. He’ll do almost anything for treats and cuddles. He is friendly with other dogs and loves people. He is very athletic and would love a running buddy. He is on kennel cough quarantine and we’ll know more soon.

"It comes to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog and I will become as generous and loving as they are."

Alex --

ALEX (now Buddy) 3 year old 85 lb. yellow male Lab-Golden Retriever cross. Buddy’s pictures don’t do him justice…he is absolutely stunning! Buddy was adopted last year but is returning because his owner is gone 10 hours a day and Buddy entertains himself by barking. Even having a dog buddy doesn’t help…squirrels and other dogs barking sets him off. It’s pretty clear that Buddy needs more exercise and someone who is home more! Buddy knows his commands but has selective hearing when he’s excited. He needs work on his leash skills and he needs to learn not to get so excited when he sees other dogs. On the positive side he is crate trained, housebroken and good with children…older ones, because of his size and energy level. We are looking for an experienced, active owner who has the time to put the finishing touches on this boy.




BARLEY 1 year old, 65 lb. yellow male. This boy an adorable big puppy who is just the biggest love! He reminds us of a cartoon character with his large feet, ears, droopy face and lanky gait. He is just too funny to watch play and run around. He loves to have his chin rubbed and will immediately flop over onto his back for belly rubs when meeting people! His favorite game to play is “keep away” or tug-o-war with our female 4 year old lab. We have two small dogs in the home and he has done well respecting their boundaries but is a bit thrown off by the male Chihuahua’s bossy attitude. I would recommend a home without small, feisty dogs. He may be part hound judging by his face and ears, along with the way he sniffs the ground as we walk and the way his bark sounds. Barley has a relatively high prey drive and is extremely curious. He does attempt to run and chase anything small or large (deer) that runs away. He hasn’t been exposed to cats so I am not sure how he is with them. He needs a home with secure fencing as I was told that he is quite the escape artist, although I haven’t experienced this behavior with him. He really should have another big dog to play with or a runner in the family. He is a young, energetic boy who does best after he has gotten some of that puppy energy out! We have had him around children of all ages and he was the perfect gentleman, sweet and polite without being overly excited. I would recommend a home with children over 8 as he is a very active boy and can forget how big he is sometimes. I was told he is protective of his food, but we have not seen that with our pack. He could stand to gain a couple of pounds and has started to fill out a bit. He is housebroken and prefers to sleep on a dog bed at the foot of our bed. We’ve been working on crate training and he is starting to do great with a little reinforcement! His favorite thing in the world is just being around us. He will follow us around the house and lie in our lap (if allowed) or lounge on the dog bed. Barley has a lot of love to give to a family and will make a great all around dog with some basic obedience training and routine.


BO --

BO 4 year old 70 lb. yellow male that was adopted by a family late last year. He is a delight with people and kids; however, he can be pushy, over stimulated and territorial over space with other dogs. He gets along with other dogs in so many situations but the family felt they did not have the tools to work with Bo so they returned him to rescue. Now he has been at O'Brien kennels for 3 months where he was evaluated and has received some behavior management training. Along with that, we are told Bo is a very talented, natural, water retriever with superior drive and focus. He would make a great duck dog but of course with professional training. It seems that humans are secondary to his love for everything outdoors…birds, rabbits, and trees and bushes. When he was with a family he loved to play ball or just relax in the yard. He did not chew, destroy, dig, bark or whine and went readily onto his bed or into his crate to sleep through the night.

BOGA --   


Boga is a 9 year old chocolate male mix, 80 lbs., housebroken, easy going when there isn’t a bunch of traffic and is content when he has a doggie bed of his own to nap on. He's fine with other dogs and would be happy with a dog buddy. He may try to mount when he first meets a new dog, but if they growl, he'll go running. And he often growls as a greeting with new dogs (it's his way of saying “I'm tough, but please don't hurt me")...if a dog growls back, he will literally hide behind your legs. He has good house manners but will take a nap on the couch if a dog bed is occupied. He is totally house trained and is inside/outside during the day by way of a doggie door. Boga will be your shadow when you are home...he definitely enjoys the company of his humans. He is also good on and off leash (after the initial excitement of going for a walk). Boga is looking for a place to call home.

BRONCO -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

BRONCO is a 1 year old 65 lb. black male who came to us from Colusa County Animal Control. He looks to be purebred. He loves water and playing with other dogs, but always reserves special time for his human friends. He is beautiful when he runs! Bronco is a good, happy-go-lucky guy but he still acts puppyish and needs some basic training. He will jump up on a person that he likes to say "Hi!" Older children only because he is a work in progress. We’ll keep you updated.


BUCK #2 --

BUCK #2 is an energetic and curious 9 month old yellow boy who will be on the petite side when full grown. He is a typical puppy - playful, rambunctious, and active. He will benefit from an owner who can invest time in exercising, training and teaching him some doggie manners (like most puppies he can be mouthy and jumps up). In return he will reward you with love, loyalty and companionship. He loves wrestling with his foster brothers, chasing balls, and getting wet! He is housebroken but also trained to use a doggie door. He was previously crated at night but sleeps quietly in the bedroom on the floor. Whether you are looking for a rousing game of tug-of-war, or need a quiet companion by your side while you read, Buck seems very adaptable and would make a great addition to any pack as long as you don’t have cats…he chases them. His foster says she wishes all her fosters were this easy!

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.    ~ Roger Caras

CHIEF -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

CHIEF 5 year old black male. Chief came to us from the Stockton Shelter where no one ever came for him. Chief is the sweetest boy and just loves getting attention – it’s likely he has been neglected for many years. Chief rides in the car easily and is learning to be housebroken. He is fine with other dogs, and we expect he will do well around children, since he is very mellow. Chief will take all the attention and love your family has to give him – after all, he deserves it!


ChoCo --

CHOCO is an adorable 9 month old 46 lb. chocolate male. ChocCo loves people and other dogs. He just came from the Yuba Co. Shelter, has been neutered and brought up to date on all shots and is ready for a new, loving home.


Coal --

COAL 1 year old black male. This really handsome boy found his way to the Sacramento City Shelter and no one came for him. Well, one of our volunteers scooped him right up. Coal is in quarantine for kennel cough and we’ll know more soon.


DANNY -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

DANNY 5 year old yellow male. Danny is a small chunky little boy at 54 lbs. who came to us from the Sutter County Shelter. So far we know he is good with other dogs, rides well in the car in a crate and absolutely hates being confined to a you blame him? Danny has finished his kennel cough quarantine and all his vet work. He’s a sweet boy waiting for his forever home.
UPDATE: Danny needs a dog buddy or someone who is home a lot...he really doesn’t like being alone.


Dinah #2 --

DINAH #2 1 year old 53 lb. black female. This really sweet little girl came to us from the Sutter County Shelter. She loves to play with other dogs. She also loves her people friends and sleeps on her foster's bed at night.



DORY is a lovable, purebred 10 year old 70 pound yellow female. Her owners lost their home and now live in a duplex with no yard. Dory has been through obedience training and is housebroken. She walks on a leash without pulling. She knows: sit, stay, off, heel and fetch. Dory loves people (especially children) and is great with other dogs. She also loves to play in a Doughboy pool! She came to us with her longtime pal Takani, a 7 year old male Husky. If you are interested you could adopt both of them!

DUTCH -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

DUTCH is a 5 year old chocolate male who weighs 95 lbs. He's obedience trained and knows, sit, stay, come, down, heel and fetch. Loves his ball and Frisbee and will fetch any time you're ready to play. He has a nice deep bark to alert you of strangers. He really likes his basket of toys to nose through and plays with them all. Dutch is house trained, gets along well with male and female dogs, big and small, and is OK with cats once he gets to know them. Due to his size no small children, he's best for children over 8. Dutch enjoys being with you and follows you around all day, loves tummy rubs and hugs. If any food is left out he'll help himself to a snack, even though he knows not to... If you're looking for the perfect family dog or just a companion, Dutch is your boy.

Concerned about combining a Labrador with other animals? You just need to find the *right* Lab(s). We added two Labs to a household with cockatiels, lizards, rats and a bunny ... And they get along *just fine* ... and the birds walk around on the floor -- and sometimes on the dogs!                                                                        ... comment from a new Lab Parent
A dog is the only thing on Earth what loves you more than he loves himself.     ~ Josh Billings
The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.     ~ Anonymous


2 year old yellow female. Poor little Ginger did not have a very good start to her life. She is not even 2 years old and she spent her whole life living isolated in a barn with many other dogs with very little to no attention at all. That is no life for any dog, especially not for a Lab. Ginger's luck changed when she was rescued from that horrible situation. Long story short, she just arrived into her new foster home and she is doing amazingly well considering what she has gone through. She gets along wonderfully with other dogs, but we don't know about cats yet. She will need lots and lots of TLC and some patience from her new family, but from everything we’ve seen so far, we are very confident that she will make a wonderful family member.

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go to where they went.     ~ Will Rogers


The cat is not all
Bad - she fills the litter box
With Tootsie Rolls.
Dig under fence-why?
Because it's there. Because it's
There. Because it's there.


HARVEY 10 year old yellow male. This sweet boy found his way to the Stockton Shelter and no one came for him. Well we scooped him right up. His coat looks awful but a bath will fix that. Harvey jumped right into the crate in my SUV and said "Get me out of here." This is the older dog you dream of. Housebroken, loves everybody, knows sit and down and walks on lead, gets along with everybody and look at that sad face...we just wanted to hug him and did, dirt and all. He wagged his tail so hard we thought it just might come off. Come see "Mr. Perfect."


HOGAN 2 year old chocolate male. This boy came to us from the Madera Shelter. His foster says: “He’s so smart and wants to please. If you tell him no a few times he won't repeat it. When he first came to me he was a jumper but quickly learned not to do that. He sleeps in a kennel in the house with no accidents and loves to play with our older labs. He has a very soft mouth when taking treats.” We think Hogan is going to be a really special boy.



JACKSON #2 is a handsome 5 year old black male. He is on Doggie Weight Watchers and has already lost 4 lbs. in the one week he has been with his new foster. He follows a “sit” command and knows “wait” (stay). He walks well on a fast paced walk but loves to stop and smell the roses along the way. Jackson loves squeak toys only to pull them apart to get the squeaker out so he would do great with some real doggie chews. He did fine being petted by small children at the adoption event but because of his size, he would do best around kids 6 years or older. Other dogs are fine with Jackson but he does not like cats. At the adoption event he was wonderful…no barking and got along with all the crazy dogs!!




JAZZ is a about a 1 year old 65 pound chocolate male lab-German shorthair pointer mix. In profile he looks like he might have some Collie in him…he’s really cute! Jazz is a good boy who responds to a gentle, loving approach. He loves to play with other dogs and has been gentle with the children he has met. He needs some work on the leash but knows sit and down. Jazz would make a great jogging partner! He also loves to chase birds and squirrels. Hunting anyone?

Want to Know How To Adopt one of these nice Labbies?

KALI -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

KALI is a sweet 11 month old 47 lb. black female Border Collie-Lab mix. She was pulled from Yuba County Animal Control where she was surrendered due to military deployment. Kali is house trained and gets along with other dogs, large and small, young and old. She sleeps on her foster's bed all night long. Kali is still a puppy and can be mouthy when she plays, so we recommend a home with older children. Kali is an affectionate little girl who deserves a loving forever home.

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The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.       ~ Andy Rooney
"Labs like to play on waterbeds. Its something about the squishiness. They romp and twirl, chew on each other. Its really wild."                                                      ... a new Lab "Parent"
Breed Description
Although some are highly energetic, Labrador Retrievers are often thought of as having a happy-go-lucky or easy-going nature, Their calm nature combined with their athletic tendencies and stamina originally well suited the breed to be hunting dogs, and now allows them to become service dogs primarily in search and rescue and disability assistance. However, as with other working breeds, the athleticism of the pet Labrador Retriever requires physical and mental stimulation in the family environment. They will enjoy retrieving items such as tennis balls or floating toys that provide the necessary stimulation while taking advantage of the Labrador Retriever's excellent swimming ability. Labrador Retrievers are commonly quite food motivated, which facilitates learning and training, thus furthering the dog's bond to the family. Rewarding the dog with food for dropping a retrieved item can also help reduce the dog's tendencies for retrieving items not intended for play.

OSCAR #2 --

OSCAR #2 9 year old yellow male. I may be 9 but I look and act a lot younger. I am a Lab/Kuvasz cross from a long line of AKC-registered parents. I am crate trained but my foster mom lets me sleep on my very own bed inside the house without a crate. I enjoy going for leash walks and riding in the car. I can swim but choose not to because pool water smells weird. I am not a picky eater and love treats. I am a perfect weight at 70 pounds. I am not a barker, but will bark to protect my family. My foster mom calls me “Cotton” because I am soft like a cotton ball. If I really like you I will roll on my back for a belly rub and smile. My foster mom has taken me to the dog park but I tend to dominate other dogs, so I am kept on leash so I can be corrected if I want to get in another dog’s face. I am relearning all of my basic manners (sit, stay, wait, leave it, let’s go, lie in your bed, down and no) and I am picking it all up quickly and am soaking up all the attention (“good boy” and “yes” are my favorite words). I really want to be loved and have my very own family. I come with a bed, a crate, leashes, a brush, toys, and flea, tick and heartworm preventive. UPDATE: I am doing so much better with lots of positive reinforcement, attention, walks and love. I was a nervous wreck when I came to my foster home. I had been chewing my paws raw, grrrrrr-ing at other dogs and NOW, I am happy, happy, happy. I am a wiggler, I smile, and I will dance with you if you let me. I love kids of all ages and am very gentle with them. I am housebroken now and will sit and stay and lie down on command. If you see me thinking about doing anything naughty, I am very receptive to correction. (That's because I am so smart.) I am in fantastic shape and am good on a leash. I am really doing well at the dog park too. Everything is new to me, tennis balls, fetch and even chew toys. I really want my very own people who will spoil me, and take me on regular walks. Most of all I need a lot of love.

Labrador Retriever Identifying Features:

PUPPIES --  -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

Weather, Windy, & Autumn


WEATHER very gentle 12 week old black and white female lab mix puppy. She rolls on her little back for belly rubs. Weather is one of the puppies that were abandoned in a park with their mom. Puppies are a lot of responsibility so please consider your daily schedule and free time when thinking about adopting one of these cute babies.

AUTUMN 12 week old black female with a hint of chocolate. She is on the smaller side with spunk and sweetness mixed together. Autumn is one of the puppies that were abandoned in a park with their mom. Puppies are a lot of responsibility so please consider your daily schedule and free time when thinking about adopting one of these cute babies.

WINDY 12 week old black female lab mix puppy with lots of personality. She just looks at you with her cute little puppy eyes and she is hard to resist. Her face makes your heart melt. She is becoming better at crate training although it’s not her favorite place to be. She loves to play with other dogs. She would do best in a home with someone who is home part of the day, or someone who has other dogs she can play with. She has an abundance of energy, and she loves to run circles around the yard. She will pick up a ball and bring it to you although it’s not always on purpose. She is learning come, does not know sit, and we are working on potty training and learning her new name Abby. She loves toys and chewies. She loves to cuddle with my 11 year old daughter, play with my 5 year old lab, and also is very content in your lap or laying by your side. As always she is a puppy and with a puppy there needs to be patience, consistency and a lot of love. She will make a wonderful edition to a very patient family.

We give dogs the time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. In return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.      ~ M. Ackklam
You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, "Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!"       ~ Dave Barry



SAMMY is a happy, fun and loving 9 year old yellow male. Sam really likes people and he is happiest when he is with other people and dogs. Sam loves that water and is great with little kids. He likes to play fetch and enjoys chasing tennis balls. He is house trained and has always been able to sleep indoors as well as play outdoors when he wants. He does pull when on a leash as he still has some good energy for getting out to the park, lake or river. He doesn’t like cats and will take off after them. Sam’s owner has had him since he was 1 year old and wants him to find the right new home…a family with kids that spend a lot of time with him and preferably another dog to play with. Sam would love to be able to continue to enjoy the water if you have a pool. Sam is a really special lab. He is very loving, gentle and super sweet. He has a shy, but energetic personality. He loves to cuddle up. Some family is going to be really happy to add Sam to their home!


SIMBA #2 -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!

SIMBA #2 10 month old yellow male Lab/Golden Retriever/Shepherd cross. This boy is simply stunning and looks exactly like what he is…a wonderful cross. His owners bought him as a pup thinking they were buying a Golden Retriever and that he would “train” himself. Honestly, do children train themselves? Well, neither do dogs. OK moving forward…Simba doesn’t have a mean bone in his body….he loves everybody, dogs, people, kids…BUT he loves them with all the enthusiasm of a teenage puppy and he weighs almost 70 lbs. He needs exercise and consistent training. We are looking for an active household, maybe with another young dog to play “crash bash” with and consistent rules. UPDATE: Simba is in a foster home and his foster says, “Simba is coming along very nicely. He is enjoying having a large area to run and play with our two female labs who give Simba a run for his money. After his morning play time he settles in for a lounging afternoon in the shade. I am working on obedience with him and I must say he is one smart fella. He does not pull me while on our walks, however, he is very curious of all things. I have recently introduced him to our ranch cats and he didn't seem impressed with them which I took as a good sign. He is a little cautious around our smaller Chihuahuas as they can be a little intimidating and Simba being a pup still doesn't know what to make of their pushy behavior. At night, Simba settle into his crate for a peaceful night’s sleep. This boy has a big heart to give a family. He would make a great all around dog if you have the time to spend with him and patience seeing him through his puppy stage.”

For me a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail,
and that indescribable measure of love we call a dog.       ~ Roger Caras

TUCKER -- Thank You!! ADOPTED!!



TUCKER 2 year old black male. This boy is adorable BUT he is BONES! His ribs and his backbone are sticking out but his tail never stopped wagging. Just look at that face. He comes to us from the Yuba County Shelter and it's obvious he was "on the road" for awhile. Some good food, a bath and a warm bed and he'll blossom. He loaded in the crate in the car, rode quietly and went into his kennel like a perfect gentleman. Tucker isn't a big Lab...when he gains weight maybe 65 lbs...but he has so much personality. He is so cute you just have to smile watching him. UPDATE: Tucker's in a foster home now, s ettling well and putting on a few pounds, too. He didn't know much when first arriving in foster care but is catching on quickly. He's learning some basic obedience and how to walk on leash; he tries hard to please. Roaming around with the older labs is a favorite of his. He will do ok with older children, he's a bit too quick for toddlers. Not sure about cats. Potty training is going well and he willingly walks into his crate and sleeps quietly all night. He enjoys his chew bones and toys but, cuddling with you is his #1 Fun. Tucker is young and obedience classes are highly recommended. If you can devote time in further training this sweet boy he'll become a good K9 citizen. Tucker will make an excellent addition to your family.

I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent, devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source. - Doris Day
He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. - Unknown


Take one rescued lab, roll and play until lightly pampered, and then add the following ingredients:
1 Cup of patience
1 Cup of understanding
1 Pinch of correction
1 Pinch of hard work
2 Cups of praise and 1 1/2 cups of fun.
Blend well. Heat with the warmth of your heart and mix with owner until consistency is such that owner and labby are one.

If you want a friend for life, get a dog.     ~ Harry S Truman
CCLRR needs more Foster Homes ... can you help save a great dog?
Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable.
They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well. - Bonnie Wilcox

From time to time, our Adoptive Families "report back" on their four-legged family members. It is so wonderful when we get these great stories and pictures from our adopted families. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.
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An unavoidable part of life is the passing of those we love. Some of our Labbie Families have sent us   "In Loving Memory" stories about their Beloved Labrador Retrievers.
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These special dogs are marked with a border and the designation appropriate


The following dogs are AVAILABLE INDEPENDENTLY of LabRescue.

these listings are added as a courtesy.
CCLRR has not evaluated these dogs and makes no claims as to their health or temperament.
Please use the contact info listed with each dog.


Special Needs dog in Bellingham, WA

Would you like to be greeted by a pup whose tail is wagging so hard his whole body wags? Koda is a 3 yr old, 63 lb neutered Black Lab who is super sweet and affectionate. Until recently he lived in homes where he had very few boundaries. He arrived with serious anxiety but has learned to calm himself. He “waits” to be called for dinner or to go in or out of a door. He “sits” very well. He is learning “Down” & “Stand” & “Watch Me” & to treadmill for kibble. Sometimes is a “velcro” dog and sometimes just wants to run & play, after which he comes & sits at my feet. He rides calmly tethered (to the seatbelt) in the car. He is crate trained. Koda graduated Basic Manners 101 class. He is very good-natured around other dogs and with children. He is not reactive to people or dogs in the street or to fireworks. Koda is on medications for epilepsy. He’s a special needs puppy with an enormous amount of love to give and a very strong need to please. He needs a home with clear & firm boundaries to feel secure. They say you can't buy love, but you can sure have adoration with Koda. Koda is looking for a forever home where he will be loved and nurtured and appreciated and kept safe with really good boundaries. He deserves this.

Koda also has his own Facebook page.
Please contact . We would be able to assist with transport, so anyone interested would not need to pay for that part of an adoption.


SUNNY is an 8-year-old yellow lab or lab mix with a disposition to match her name. She is affectionate, playful, and fun-loving. Sunny came to Lily’s Legacy when her owner passed away, so she needs lots and lots of TLC. Sunny can sometimes be nervous in new situations, but is friendly with people and OK with other dogs. She will require regular exercise and is well-suited for an active family. 415-488-4984


I’m looking to re-home my 45 lb., six-year old black lab/pointer mix, Roxy. She needs more companionship than I am able to provide during the week. When we rescued her at 3 years old, she had separation anxiety, but I was fortunate enough to be able to take her to work. Since I switched jobs a couple years ago, that anxiety has returned. It's obvious she needs more time with her people than I can offer with my job. I started her on Prozac in July and have been using other behavior modifications, with a little success. She would be happier with someone who doesn’t work full-time away from home or who works from home. She’s energetic and loves to run, walk, hike. She can run 5-8 miles and also be a couch potato. On days when someone can run her early in the morning for at least five miles, she is better, but I can't do that every day. She's a love, very submissive, good with other dogs, our cat and children. She is squirrel obsessed and likes chasing rabbits and birds. Spayed and up-to-date on all shots. Current on heartworm meds, too. If you have the time she needs and wish for a loyal canine companion, please call Trina for more info. 530-400-3197


Hobbs is a 9 yr old lab/shepherd mix., neutered and utd on vaccines. Hobbs is very loyal and wants to be the only dog. He isn't good with cats. Hobbs has a condition called megaesophagus, an enlarged esophagus. When he eats from a bowl on the ground, food tends to get stuck in the esophagus and he regurgitates it. If he eats in a sitting position with his front feet in your lap, the food goes down properly. So he will be a "special needs" dog the rest of his life. When Hobbs developed this condition, his former owners didn't know what was wrong. Instead of taking him to a vet, they made him a backyard dog, with no shade and no bed. When animal control picked him up, he was foaming at the mouth from lack of water. Poor Hobbs! He's overdue for a last, peaceful, loving home with a warm bed...inside. Can you possibly adopt or foster this sweet guy? If not, could you network him on your contacts list, facebook or twitter? He's a special case and we could use some extra help.
Susan Call, Old Dogs New Tricks Inc 916 342 1210

MAX --

MAX is a 6 year old neutered lab mix who needs a new home because we are moving to an apartment. Max is housebroken - never had an accident. He doesn't like water. He knows "sit" "shake" and "lay down" commands. He definitely knows what "treat" is. He gets his morning treat every day, right after he goes out to potty. He barks at cats - not sure if he would chase or not. He is a good watch dog and is very protective when my husband isn't home. Very playful and very affectionate - nudges us during the night if he has to go out to potty. When my grandkids lived near by and visited, he loved them. They took him for walks and he slept with them. He usually sits or sleeps right by your feet. He has running spells when he is very excited not to be confused with a "fit." He loves to go for a walk, but not real good with the leash. Once we get started, he realizes he has to slow down, then he is fine. The most important thing to Max is his ball and if you throw it he will bring it back, drop it, and wait for the next ball to be thrown. He will do that until I have to make him stop. He can be mouthy when I come home from work because he is so excited to see me. Small kids might not understand. He tries to play with my little dog, but my little dog is not interested. He likes being in the house at night with his owners. He starts barking to come in around dark. He HATES fire crackers so I stay home every 4th of July for my dogs. I am in Lodi. If you would like to meet Max, please call Becky at 209-327-9248 weekends/evening or weekdays 916-734-6086.

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